We are in the midst of a very strange and challenging time. All of a sudden we are trying to work at home in the midst of a global crisis. We are trying to remain productive as possible, while simultaneously worrying about losing jobs and many uncontrollable forces. This is hard and it is important to meet ourselves with compassion as we move through this challenging time.

Here is a list of things that you don’t think will make you more productive, but that will actually help you stay sane and focused at work in the midst of COVID-19:

Validate what you are feeling

“You aren’t working from home. You are trying to work at home in the middle of a crisis”. Repeat this to yourself. It is completely normal and okay that you are having a hard time at work and in life focusing right now. These are not normal conditions, and we need to begin by recognizing that. WFH Crisis

Create level-setting expectations

Now time to take that extra pressure off. We waste a lot of time, energy, and create unnecessary stress by trying to remain as productive as we once were. We are dealing with extreme stress, houses full of children, and limited internet connections. By recognizing that things are different and accepting the present situation, we can set level-setting expectations for ourselves. Set small, manageable goals. Give yourself grace and practice self-compassion. You might find that you are more motivated to persist when things get hard if you let go of self-criticism and see yourselves achieving small, manageable goals.

Take care of your mental health

When we take a step back and hold space to care for our mental and physical health, we can actually increase our productivity. When there is less pressure and more balance, we are able to perform better and maintain focus when we sit down to work. Productivity graph

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