During these challenging times, there is endless media and information to take in. Make your media intake as efficient and effective as possible. Here are a few ways you can absorb news, not anxiety.


Pay attention and be mindful to how the news is making you feel physically. Observe what sensations arise when you watch news from different media.


You don’t need to read and click every link you see on social media. Choose a few reliable resources and turn to them for your content.


Make sure you take time to find the good that is happening too. While there are many challenges right now, there is also a lot of good happening. Be sure to notice and give thanks for that. the helpers


Its okay to not take it all in. Adjust the amount of news you intake and when you absorb it (ie, it is probably not best to look at the news right before bed or right when you wake up). Find what works for you.

Remember, it is important and necessary to take in news. But it is also important to balance your intake and consuming reliable information. Each time you open a news source, take a breath, and use these steps to help you assess.

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