Find yourself feeling extra irritable and stressed this holiday season? You are not alone. The holidays are extra HARD this year. Here are a few ways to care for yourself and your loved ones this holiday season.

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1. Awareness

Notice what your comfort level is for the holidays and for those you normally celebrate with. This is a helpful first step before making any holidays plans.

Also, notice how you and your loved ones are feeling. It is likely that you are all feeling tired, stress, and sad. By bringing awareness to how you and your loved ones are feeling you can better support yourselves and one another.

2. Acceptance

Recognize what you can control and what you cannot. Accept the things you cannot control-- and that might be A LOT right now. That is okay. Create level setting expectations for yourself and your loved ones based off the present situation.

3. Compassion

This holiday may be the the most challening one yet. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and your loved ones. Give your body and mind breaks. Offer yourself and your loveds ones patience and forgiveness.

We hope these tools help you move through the 2020 holidays season. Utilize our on-demand library and Yoga and Mindfulness for Stress Relief course anytime you need. We are in this together. One breath at a time.

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